Academy for Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) is a community made up of adults age 50+ for whom learning has never gone out of style. We are located in the CyFair area of Houston at the Lone Star College-CyFair campus. We look forward to you joining our group.

A.L.L. classes are held in HSC 106 unless otherwise noted.


Registration - Fall 2014

Classes start on Monday, September 15th.

Bus Trips

Signup for Fourth Quarter Bus Trips will be held on Friday, September 19th in our HSC 106 classroom at 10:00-Noon. Click here for info on where trips are going and how to sign up.


Monday, September 15, 2014

ALL Minutes - September 3, 2014

The first Advisory Board Meeting for the Fall Semester was held on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.  Registration is scheduled for Saturday, Sept 13th.  Classes will start on the following Monday, Sept 15th.  The CyFair ALL group will celebrate their 10th anniversary on Friday, November 21st.....plans are underway to plan a great gathering.  Click Here for Minutes of the September meeting.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Monday Movie Madness

What are you doing this summer?   Would you like to go to a free movie?  The LSC-CyFair Library will be having Monday Movie Madness this summer.  These movies will be shown on Mondays as listed below.  No registration required.  Discussion will follow the film.  Showings will be in Library Room 215.  Note the dates, times and ratings.

Monday, June 2, 12:30pm - Since You Went Away - not rated
Monday, June 16, 1:00pm - Saving Mr. Banks - rated PG 13
Monday, June 30, 1:00pm - Moneyball - rated PG 13
Monday, July 14, 1:00pm - The Motorcycle Diaries - rated "R"
Monday, July 28, 1:00pm - The Red Violin - rated "R"
Monday, August 11, 1:00pm - City Lights - not rated
Click Here to see poster.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ALL Advisory Board Minutes - May 2014

The ALL Advisory Board met on Wednesday, May 14th to address several issues related to classes, bus trips, events and Meet You There gatherings.  This meeting was the last meeting for this semester.  Since ALL-CyFair will not have classes during the summer months, it was agreed that the next Advisory Board meeting will be on Wednesday September 3rd prior to our return to campus for the Registration/Open House on Saturday September 13th.  To review minutes of the meeting, click here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Birds of LSC-CyFair Campus

What a great morning to have a walk around campus and do a little bird watching.  Jeff Mohamed, LSC-CyFair, first gave us a presentation showing pictures of birds we might see on campus.  Next, we walked around the campus lakes and to the Outdoor Learning Area.  With binoculars and cameras in hand, we identified nineteen different birds.  Look for the Great Egret that hangs out on the river steps in front of the cafeteria.

To see Jeff's presentation, click here.
To keep up with Jeff's birdwatching travels, check out his blog, here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bird Watching - Spring Migration at LSC-CyFair

To start the class, Tim Sebesta led us through a basic course in how to identify birds.  Check the shape of the beak, the bird's overall shape and where the bird is located to narrow down the myriad of choices in trying to identify a bird.  We also went through some bird calls to see how many we knew.  As a continuation to this classroom discussion, we will have an outdoor walk Wednesday morning to see some great locations on campus to bird watch.

To see Tim's presentation, click here.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Geocaching - Let's Go On A Treasure Hunt

After learning what Geocaching is, how the satellites work, and how to use our GPSr's, Cheryl LeJune led us on a walk around campus in search of hidden treasures.  Really, we just looked at some cool stuff while we learned how to geocache.  Geocaching is a great way to get outside and go for a walk, with a purpose.
To see the presentation, click here.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Cooking for Two - with Chicken

Anne McErlean shared some of her favorite chicken recipes with the ALL group.  The key to making "cooking for two" more enjoyable is to cook a large package of chicken breast (or your preference) so that you can use the chicken in several recipes.  Pull what you need for your first recipe and freeze the rest.  If you have a large block of time you can actually make up several recipes and freeze the completed dishes for future use when you want something good to eat but don't want to spend the time in the kitchen.  Review her recipes and see what you would like to make.
Recipes - Click Here

Monday, April 21, 2014

Indian Cooking

Indian Cooking

Shaheen Ansari wowed us with the sights and smells of Indian Cooking today.  Class began with a step by step demonstration of how to make Chicken Curry.  As I am sure you know, it is the spices that make Indian cooking so flavorful.  When using spices it only takes a small amount to obtain the taste you want.....but it is best to use "fresh" spices rather than bottled shelf spices whenever possible.
Recipes - click here

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Safe Exercise

Kinesiology Professor Tim Sebesta presented an informative program on How to Start a Safe Exercise Program for Seniors.  As we age we are not able to physically do the things we did in our younger years......that's just life.  Exercising remains important as we age.  Proper exercise helps us maintain flexibility, balance, stamina, and cognitive abilities.
To review Tim's presentation  - Click Here
Short Version with Campus Maps - Click Here

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Advisory Committee Minutes - April 2014

The Advisory Committee met on April 16, 2014. There were primary discussions on the Fall Curriculum and on the Bus Trip Sign Up.  The deadline for submitting Speaker Forms for the Fall 2014 Semester is Friday, April 25th.  Sharon Samson and several Bus Committee members expressed how well the last sign-up went for the April, May and June trips.  The sign-up was held in HSC 105-106 and the lines moved quickly.  The committee plans to hold the next bus trip sign-up on May 8th.  This will be for the trips for July, August and September 2014 and will again be held in HSC 105-106.  Mark your calendar for this event.  To review the minutes from the meeting click here.